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Whether you have a small renovation project, a multi million dollar waterfront estate, or a code driven commercial project let our professional and experienced staff service your needs. Our Motto: "We are only as good as the last job we were on"... says it all. We do not rest on our past laurels, and we appreciate our customer's business.


A Landscape can be outdoor rooms and living spaces, inviting people to exciting out of door destinations. With high fuel prices and a struggling housing economy, many people are investing in their homes and making their back yards into vacation destinations they can use regularly. There's even a name for this paradigm shift: STAYCATIONS. For example give your back yard a tropical paradise tiki bar theme or add a fire pit and water feature to dine and entertain under the stars. The ideas are endless. We can help.


After almost 30 years in the business we have created strategic alliances with a few qualified irrigation and sod sub-contractors who are part of our "family". We have written agreements with each of them denoting the professional standards we demand in their field, thus giving our customers a consistant and standardized high level of quality on every job.

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Many lawn maintenance companies are great at mowing, blowing and going, but don't really know growing. As growers of our own 36 acre wholesale plant nursery for almost 30 years, we understand plant physiology as it relates to seasons, water, fertilizer, pruning, pests, shade, wind, salt, soil type, etc... and can do more than mow, blow and go.

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Planting and watering instructions if you wish to do it yourself.-

  • How to best keep your new or existing lawn and garden.
  • When to water and how much. Where to plant your plants and size of holes.

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