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After almost 30 years in the business we have created strategic alliances with a few qualified irrigation and sod sub-contractors who are part of our "family". We have written agreements with each of them denoting the professional standards we demand in their field, thus giving our customers a consistant and standardized high level of quality on every job.



All plants should be soaked to runoff upon arrival, especially in dry conditions. As each plant is planted, the root ball must again be watered to enable the plant to survive.

The 1st 60 days are most critical. Proper watering is essential. As each plant is planted water each day for at least two weeks. The next two weeks, the plants should be thoroughly soaked every other day. And water thoroughly three times a week for the next month. Thereafter, water as necessary depending on the season and rainfall conditions.

Watering requirements are based on

1) Site soil conditions

  2) Weather conditions
3) Size of plant
4) Size of root ball
The following are per dayplant watering guidelines. Each application will differ depending on watering requirements listed above.
Container Size
Gallons Per Day
3 gallon
7 gallon
10-15 gallon
30 gallon
45 gallon