Recent News & Happenings:

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Awards and Honors

Recent News and Happenings


Jobs of note:

   GRNL recently finished:
  • The Sailfish Point Estate of Mr. and Mrs Covelli (Panera Bread owners) in Stuart. See pictures of this job
  • Renaissance Building in downtown Ft Pierce. The first building in Ft Pierce requiring significant third floor level landscaping. See pictures of this job
  • Dr. Mattice Residence Ocean Drive, Vero Beach. Job utilized unique "Hoot" septic reclamation system that also irrigated and fertilized special Seashore Pascalum sod.
  • Dr. Kenneth and Debbie Langley waterfront residence in St Lucie Village. Utilizing extensive design and authentic Seminole Chickee Hut.
  • Mr. Erik Melville Southern Oaks residence. Job entails a good example of a complete renovation as well as brick pavers. See pictures of this job
  • Gary Roberts was the first FCHP (Fla. Certified Horticulture Professional) on the Treasure Coast, obtaining the certification in 1985. Gary is also a FCNP (Fla Certified Landscape Designer).
  • After a day of field testing Bud Roberts and Charles Aubi became a FCLT (Fla Certified Landscape Technician)
  • After two days of field testing, Charles Aubi and Bud Roberts of GRNL become the first St Lucie County certified Brick Paver and Retaining Wall reciepients by the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute (ICPI).
  • Gary Roberts facilitates short courses at local and state trade shows to homeowners, as well as state industry professionals on several contemporary industry related topics, from office procedures to field practices.
  • Read Gary Roberts article from the Indian River Magazine.
  • GRNL's Lawn Maintenance Division is a fast growing and very well recieved addition to GRNL's service menu. The Maintenance Division compliments the landscape installation division by having one entity be responsible for all aspects of a newly nstalled landscape, as well as, helps customers with existing landscaping join the GRNL family of satisfied customers.
  • In stock now: "Green" 3-4 month fertilizer, with complete minor nutrient blend, for homeowners based on most recent University of Florida research. This blend is for all plants, palms and turf in your yard, so no more separate bags, and more importantly it is envionmentally friendly with minimal phosphorous and less nitrogen.
  • GRNL has gone 100% BIODIESEL in all it's diesel trucks and equipment. The first on the Treasure Coast.
  • Check out GRNL's BLOG.
  • Gary Roberts becomes a contributing writer for Ornamental Outlook Magazine, the nursery and landscape industry's premier magazine in 2007.
  • Gary Roberts becomes contributing Garden writer for Vero Beach Magazine beginning in 2008.