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Planting Hole Preparation:

  • Prepare the planting hole twice as wide as the rootball and slightly less than the depth of the rootball
  • Dig the planting hole shallower in areas with wet soil conditions and backfill up tothe edge of the rootball
  • In no case should the first root emerging from the trunk be below the soil level.
Tree Preparation:
  • Remove the black weed cloth liner, plastic wrap, or container.
  • Remove any string, strapping, or wire wrapped around the trunk.
  • Cut any circling roots prior to planting.
Tree Planting:
  • Place the tree in the center of the hole with the top most root in the rootball at or slightly higher than the finished landscape grade.
  • Check to ensure the tree is straight in the hole and begin filling in with native field soil.
  • Water in the backfill as you fill the planting hole, working the soil to ensure that no air pockets remain.
Finishing Planting:
  • At the edge of the rootball, make a soil berm 2-3 inches high to form a shallow water holding area. Water immediately after planting with 5 gallons of water per caliper inch.
  • Apply a 3 inch layer of mulch to an area 2 feet in diameter per trunk caliper inch.
  • Do not pile mulch directly against the tree trunk.
Irrigation Requirements for Establishment:
  • *Use low volume drip irrigation for optimum growth and survival.
  • *If an automatic system is not used, a strict irrigation schedule is necessary for survival.
Tree Size: 2-4" caliper:
  • Irrigation for vigor - Daily for 1 month, every other day for 3 months, weekly until established.
  • Irrigation for survival - Twice weekly for 3-4 months.
Tree Size: 4" caliper:
  • Irrigation for vigor - Daily for 6 weeks, every other day for 5 months, weekly until established.
  • Irrigation for survival - Twice weekly for 4-5 months.

At each irrigation, apply 3 gallons per inch trunk caliper to the rootball. For example, apply 9 gallons on a 3" caliper tree. Apply in a manner so all water soaks into the rootball.

Establishment takes 3-4 month per inch trunk caliper. In drought conditions irrigate the following summer.

The best soil amendment for successful planting is water. Research has shown no benefit to using other soil amendments.Place no soil over the rootball at planting. Deep planting kills trees.



All plants should be soaked to runoff upon arrival, especially in dry conditions. As each plant is planted, the root ball must again be watered to enable the plant to survive.

The 1st 60 days are most critical. Proper watering is essential. As each plant is planted water each day for at least two weeks. The next two weeks, the plants should be thoroughly soaked every other day. And water thoroughly three times a week for the next month. Thereafter, water as necessary depending on the season and rainfall conditions.

Watering requirements are based on:
  1. Site soil conditions
  2. Weather conditions
  3. Size of plant
  4. Size of root ball

The following are per day watering guidelines. Each application will differ on watering requirements listed above.

Container Size
Gallons Per day
3 gallon
7 gallon
10-15 gallon
30 gallon
45 gallon

The customer assumes full responsibility for watering and maintenance of the plants from the time that Gary Roberts Nursery delivers them to the site or if they are picked up directly by the customer from the farm. Ant that Gary Roberts Nursery is not responsible for any damage to or loss of plants resulting from improper watering and maintenance.